There's An App For That

Author Amigos | December 29, 2023

Need a date? There’s an app for that. Need a meal delivered? There’s an app for that. Need a workout? There’s an app for that. Our phones are becoming more than just talking and texting and we love it! There are so many apps out there for getting in a workout but we’ve rounded up our top tips on what to look for when creating lasting habits. 



Is it user friendly? Can it suggest articles or products or even workouts that may help you reach your goals? Cookie cutter apps are a thing of the past and having a piece of technology that can really get to know you, even send you reminders is helpful when creating new habits or refining old ones.



Logging, journaling, taking pen to paper to typing it out has so much research surrounding it. It is one of the easiest ways to stay accountable to yourself and by yourself if you’re not ready for a partner. Logging brings almost a tangible-like quality to a goal because after doing the task you can physically see it. For a goal to become a habit there is a spectrum between 21-48 days so make sure you have enough space wherever you’re logging. With that you can also look back and see how far you’ve come which is a pretty great perspective to have once you start changing.



Are you able to connect to other people through the app? Or maybe use it with your friends and talk about it? Or connect other smart devices to it? Connection drives change and is just another piece to stay accountable. 


Sincerely Health

If you want a starting place with loads of resources, different trackers pending on your goals, connection of other smart devices, and the ability to check back in, Sincerely Health has you covered. When you’re in your grocery app search for it and log in. We suggest taking the quiz as a starting place and if your goals align with its suggestions, great. If not, we say follow your heart where you are motivated. 

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