Smoked Pork Shoulder

Author A Pleasant Little Kitchen | November 13, 2023

Author note: This recipe is for a bone-in pork shoulder. If you end up with a boneless pork shoulder, the smoke time will be less. Pork shoulder can also be called “pork butt,” so don’t be confused as this is the same cut of pork. When it comes to seasoning be sure to use your favorite barbecue rub. Taste the seasoning before applying it to the pork. Kosher salt may be necessary to add to the pork if you desire more of a salty flavor. Be sure to coat the pork shoulder with yellow mustard, this helps to keep the seasoning adhered to the pork. 


6 to 10 pounds bone-in pork shoulder

yellow mustard

barbecue rub

kosher salt (optional)

apple juice


heavy duty foil

spray bottle

smoking chips

Line a large plastic tray or cutting board with heavy duty foil. 

Coat all sides of the pork shoulder with the yellow mustard. Cover the mustarded pork shoulder with the barbecue seasoning and optional kosher salt. Set aside.

Prepare the grill for smoking, using your preferred smoking wood, and heat to 250 degrees F.

Place the pork onto the grill and spritz with apple juice. Close the lid and smoke, 10 to 12 hours, spritzing the pork with apple juice. Once the pork is tender and easily shreddable with a fork, remove from the grill and securely wrap in heavy duty foil. 

Place the pork into a non-heated oven or into a cooler, lined with towels. Let rest for at least one hour. 

Shred the pork with a fork or slice with a knife. Serve warm.

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