Breakfast and flowers

Quick Mother's Day Brunch

Author Amigos | May 1, 2024

Mother's Day is just about here and if you don’t have plans just yet it’s time to fuel up on the good stuff we’ve got the perfect low-prep plan for you to pull it off





Avocado Toast

Yo Quiero Egg & Avocado cups

Bakery Pre-Sliced Bay City Sourdough Bread





Meat and Cheese Tray

1 Brie

1 Cheddar

1 Package Salami



Fresh Cut Berries


Here’s why this works:

  • The only prep work is dicing the tomato and cucumber
  • The only plating skills come in with folding salami
  • You can plate it however you want: multiple small plates, 1 large charcuterie platter 


Oh yeah, and be sure to not forget the flowers and card!

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