Put Me In Coach Swaps

Author Amigos | February 1, 2024

You’ve probably been tailgating or home gating all season long and while some games may have taken  a backseat for hosting we’re finally up to the pinnacle of games where people are gathering together and putting on a feast. Lighten up your game day spread with these simple swaps!



Beans will add more fiber and protein to help balance out blood sugar spikes. Whether you add a bean-based dip, hummus, as a topping to your nachos or mixed in with a meat focused mixture these are all great ways to incorporate more.


Plain Nonfat, Greek yogurt or Cottage Cheese

Thick creamy sauces can add excess fat and calories so by subbing a lower fat, but higher protein option you’ll save calories to be used on other items on the spread while still giving you a great tasting product.



Adding more plant-based fat is a no-brainer. Not only is avocado a nutrient-dense choice from a fat perspective, but also the fiber and additional vitamins and minerals. We love a good homemade version, but if you don’t have time, our fresh cut or yo quiero brands get the job done. Pair it with a bean based chip and thank us later!


Ground Turkey or Chicken

Choosing a leaner protein might be the perfect play. In soups or chili the taste difference is minimal but the nutrition gain is taken to the next level.


Mini options

Think brownies, cookies, sliders, meatballs and more! We definitely don’t want you feeling deprived of anything, quite the opposite actually, so if you’re bringing things to the party, bring the mini size or if you are enjoying someone else’s dish if it is too large, cut it in half or quarters. 


Fill Half Your Plate with Produce

Ideally, a plate should start out with half of it being filled with vegetables, especially with the big game. It’s a long party and you’ll need lasting energy to cheer on your team. Not only does produce offer vitamins, minerals and nutrients, but they will help you feel fuller longer due to their water and fiber content.


Sparkling Waters

By alternating sparkling waters with alcoholic beverages, you take down the calorie load significantly and also help yourself stay better hydrated throughout the big game.

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