Mindful eating during the Holidays

Author Amigos | November 1, 2023

Being mindful when eating during the holidays can be challenging especially when there are many events going on such as school and business parties, family gatherings, and more! Staying on track with your health and fitness goals can be easy by simply being more strategic. Try these 4 tips to help you be intentional and mindful when eating this holiday season. 


Enjoy the foods you love

Enjoying the foods you love in moderation is key to reducing binging and overindulging. It sounds counterintuitive, but actually, the more we restrict certain types of foods, the more we will think about it, and the more we will want it. As soon as there's an opportunity to eat it, more chances than not, we will over eat. Life is too short to not enjoy your grandmother's original recipe. All foods fit in moderation, and it’s okay to give yourself grace with food. 


Use smaller plates

Portion control is key when it comes to enjoying the foods you love. Using smaller plates may help you stay in control because it allows you to serve yourself on a 4-6” inch plate at a single time. It also creates the illusion that you have a full plate since the surface area is smaller. One thing to remember is to first start of by filling half of your plate with salad or vegetables, ¼ of your plate with a starchy food, and ¼ of your plate of protein (3-4oz, about the size of your palm). 


Check-in with yourself

Before you begin eating, ask yourself questions to figure out if you really are hungry or are you just bored, stressed, or excited. Slowing down, being present in the moment, chewing slowly to really savor the different textures and flavors is a game changer. Check-in with yourself while you are eating to see if you are still hungry, getting full. Stopping when we are satiated, understanding ourselves, and understanding the setting around us can help us to not overeat.  


Find an accountability partner

More likely than not, there is a friend, or family member who is also looking to stay mindful and on track with their health and fitness. Having an accountability partner can be extremely helpful for that extra motivational and emotional support. Check-in with each other, share ideas, experiences and anything you may be proud of where food was involved. Not only will it help you bond with someone, it may inspire those around you to be more mindful when eating during the holiday. 


Being mindful and intune with your body takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself, and give yourself the same grace you give to others. Show up for yourself one holiday party at a time!

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