Easy Kids Valentines Snack Plate

Author Amigos | February 1, 2024

To make this snack plate you’ll need to grab naturally sweet treats that are in the red/pink color scheme in the produce section. This snack is excellent for an after school snack or a dessert plate this valentines day. If you want to help balance out the blood sugar spike choose another fiber option like whole wheat or a nut based cracker and top it with a creamy spreadable cheese like brie or ricotta that pairs well with these fruits.



1 pkg. Chocolate Hummus

1 lb pkg. Strawberries

1, 4oz. Raspberries

1 large pkg. Red Grapes

1 pkg. Figs

1, 4oz pkg. Blackberries



  1. Wash and dry all produce
  2. If you have a heart dish fill it with chocolate hummus. If not, dollop the hummus in a heart shape on the board in the center using all 10 ounces. 
  3. With the blackberries, shape the letters “I” and “U” on the opposite sides of the heart
  4. Cut the produce how you know your little ones or family will eat them
  5. Start placing the berries around the tray in various patterns and with what works for your dish. Follow the picture if you need a little more inspiration.



Serves 10

Calories 159

Protein 2g

Carbohydrates 32g

Fiber 7g

Sugar 23g

Fat 4g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 2mg

Topics: Happy and Nourished