easy halloween cookies

Easy Halloween Cookie Recipes You Have to Try

Author Your Holiday Inspiration Guru | October 16, 2020

Looking for a quick and delicious treat you can make this Halloween? We’ve got you covered! 

Spooky Ghost Cookies 

These spooky ghosts will be a hit at every Halloween party! Plus, they are far easier to make than they look.  

See full recipe from Delish: 

spooky ghost cookies

chocolate skeleton cookies

Chocolate Skeleton Cookies 

After trying this recipe, you’ll never look at gingerbread men cookie cutters the same way again! 

See full recipe from Good Housekeeping:

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Cookies

Let’s get spooky with these super easy Halloween cookies! Top them off with a frightening Butterfinger peanut butter skull. 

See full recipe from Wild Wild Whisk: 

easy halloween pumpkin cookies

mummy cookies

Mummy Cookies 

These mummy cookies are so easy to make, but will look like you spent hours perfecting them! Dip vanilla cookies in white candy coating and then finish with the mummy details. 

See full recipe from Lil’ Luna: 

Easy Spider Cookies 

Your guests won’t believe that these spider cookies were made with just four ingredients! These cookies are perfect for any Halloween-themed occasion. 

See full recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron: 

easy spider cookies

halloween cookies

Halloween Cookies 

This simple pudding cookie recipe dresses up your traditional chocolate chip cookie for Halloween! 

See full recipe from Crazy for Crust: 

Betty Crocker’s Easy Halloween Cookies 

Your kids will have a blast decorating these tasty sugar cookies! Set up black and orange frosting pouches and a variety of colorful sprinkle and watch as they decorate their spooky creations.  

See full recipe from Betty Crocker: 

betty crocker easy halloween cookies