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Creepy Cocktails and Halloween Spirits

Author Your Holiday Inspiration Guru | October 15, 2020

Get in the Halloween spirits (literally!) with these creepy cocktails to celebrate all month long. We’ve searched high and low to collect these MUST TRY recipes for the best Halloween boos. Find a delicious cocktail to prepare for a night in with your ghoul gang! 

Pick up all of your non-liquor ingredients at your local Amigos. 

Color Changing Margaritas

You’ll never guess the secret ingredient used to achieve the gorgeous fluorescent fuchsia color in these margaritas!

See full recipe from Delish: 

color changing margarita

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Blood Orange Blackberry Rum Punch

This cocktail features sweet citrus, blackberry soda, and rum. Tie everything together with fresh lime for a delicious effervescent punch that is great eye candy as well! 

See full recipe from Heather Christo: 

The Grave Digger Cocktail

This cocktail can be quickly made up for a crowd or for solo sipping for a ghoulishly good time! 

See full recipe from Boulder Locavore:

the grave digger cocktail

halloween jello shots

Halloween Jello Shots

Feeling Halloween-y? Whip up these colorful Jell-O shots with grape, melon, and peach flavoring. Put your muffin tin in the freezer to speed up the process! 

See the full recipe from Real Food By Dad:

Good and Evil Cocktail Recipe

The mixologists at New York's Jekyll and Hyde Club share the recipe for one of their most popular cocktails.

See full recipe from Delish: 

good and evil cocktail recipe