Celebrate Valentine's Day On A Budget

Author Amigos | January 24, 2023

Celebrating Valentine's day doesn't have to involve spending a lot of money. Whether your budget is tight this year or if you are saving money for something special, here are some fun ways to keep your Valentine's spending low this season.

A great way to have Valentine's day decor without breaking the bank is by creating a paper heart garland. All you need are strips of pink and red construction paper, staples, scissors and twine. Staple two strips of the same color together so they make a V shape. Cut several pieces of twine and tie them across a long piece of twine, spacing them evenly across. Then curve the paper strips into a heart shape and staple them to the smaller pieces of twine. Repeat until your garland is complete.

Don't forget about the stylish simplicity of candles! Lighting several candles (or turning on some votive candles) at home before turning out the lights is an easy way to give the day an elegant feel without spending the extra money going out to a restaurant.

Making Valentine's day food doesn't have to be overly fancy to fit the mood. Any red dishes or snacks fit within the Valentine's day theme. Some of our favorites are red enchiladas, tomato soup, and red velvet chocolate chip cookies. You can also make your favorite dishes and add a few drops of red food coloring to add a pinkish tinge to your meal.

Another great Valentine's food hack is cooking with a heart shaped cookie cutter. You can use it on everything from sandwiches to fried eggs to fruit. No cookie cutter? No worries! You can use a drinking glass to cut your food into a circle, pinch one end to make a point and poke in the other end to create the curves.