Traditional Holiday Caldos

Author Amigos | November 29, 2022

Mexican style caldo is the mother of all comfort foods—it is regarded as a healthy and nutritious dish with potent soothing abilities. Here are two of the most popular caldos eaten during the holidays: caldo de pollo and caldo de res.

The main ingredient for a Mexican caldo de pollo is, of course, chicken (preferably either the entire chicken, thighs, or breasts). Other primary ingredients are typically carrots, jalapeño, potatoes, green chiles, celery, chayote, and corn, though it varies depending on households and ingredients availability. The dish can be served both hot and cold, although the hot version is most popular, with toppings that vary from tortilla chips to lime to hot sauce. 

Other toppings that are added to the dish include cilantro, radishes, and maybe even sour cream. Unlike most other Mexican soups, caldo de pollo is dairy and gluten-free as it excludes cheese, creams, and tomato-based sauces.

The dish, caldo de res, is popular throughout the entire country, where people typically enjoy it as a lunch meal. Although caldo de res is often consumed inside the home, it can also be found in local markets, restaurants, and other food establishments. This recipe typically calls for large chunks of beef, corn, plantain, cassava, carrots, cabbage, and chayotes. Similar to other regions, variations of the soup do exist. Some recipes call for other ingredients such as short ribs, yucca, bell peppers, onions, or Mexican squash